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Distrito Norte Box is your high quality CrossFit Gym in the north of the island of Gran Canaria. Here you will find a place where every workout is an opportunity to push your limits, surrounded by a passionate and friendly community that will support you every step of the way. At our Gym in Guía we have a team of certified trainers who will guide you to achieve your fitness and wellness goals regardless of your level of experience in a 400+ square metres facility with easy parking. Join us for a free class and discover how CrossFit can improve your life.


At Distrito Norte we offer CrossFit, Functional Training and Weightlifting classes, as well as Open Box.


Norte Box’s Main Training. Intensity Functional Exercises combining weight training, gymnastics and cardiovascular exercises, to improve your fitness and quality of life.

session is a new challenge, keeping your routine fresh and exciting. Here, you not only work out, but also become part of a community that supports and motivates you.
Unlike other sports, we guarantee that with CrossFit you will get visible results and achieve your goals in a short time.

Ready to experience change? Whatever your age, fitness level and fitness level, our trainers will adapt the exercises to your needs. CrossFit is for everyone!


Functional Training is based on exercises that improve our body as a whole, working both the parts of the body that we want to improve and the muscles and joints that we use in our daily lives and that are not usually trained through classic training.

It is less demanding than CrossFit, but very effective in providing benefits. Some of them are: It improves body mobility, balance, agility, corrects posture, develops cardiovascular health, strengthens muscle mass and helps us to lose weight.

If you want to do sport, taking special care in any part of your body, or simply prefer to exercise at a lower intensity but with multiple benefits, Functional Training is for you.


Weightlifting is an Olympic sport whose main pillars are strength and technique. This sport increases strength, muscle mass (which also helps you lose weight by speeding up your metabolism), increases bone density, improves cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

It is the perfect complement to CrossFit and Functional Training as improving our lifting technique and increasing the weight we can lift in the deadlift will improve our daily Wods, overcome our personal challenges and dissipate the risk of injury.

Alternating our daily training with weightlifting sessions will improve our technique along with our physical and emotional perception.

Open Box

At Open Box you have the freedom to train at your own pace. If for any reason you prefer to train on your own rather than participate in the gym classes, you can do so perfectly well, this is what we call Open Box.

You will have at your disposal all the equipment and material of our facilities, including weight lifting elements, benches, boxes, racks and Cardio machines.

If you want to do free exercises to improve a part of your body, or just fancy an old school Back and Triceps session, you can do it comfortably.


Our expert trainers will advise you every step of the way so that you can achieve your personal goals: lose weight, gain muscle, optimise your physique, prepare for competitive exams, improve your fitness or simply improve your quality of life.

Carmen Vicente

Carmen Vicente

CEO and Head Coach

Óliver Hernández

Óliver Hernández

CEO and Head Coach

Ale de la Guardia

Ale de la Guardia

Head Coach

Cristian Jiménez

Cristian Jiménez

CrossFit Coach


Distrito Norte Box is the High Quality CrossFit Gym in the North of Gran Canaria. Our Gym in Guía has highly qualified trainers, a community and ideal facilities for the practice of the sport and some of the most competitive prices on the market. Also, if you are training with us for 1 year, you will have unlimited access to the gym and its classes for 60 Euros per month. join us!


Discover our fantastic offers and start your Fitness adventure! In Guía, Gran Canaria, we have a summer promotion that you can’t miss out on: by paying the July fee, you will have access to the Gym during July and August. We also offer you a free class so that you can get to know us better, we are waiting for you to train together and reach your goals!


Check our timetable and plan your workouts easily. As a Distrito Norte Box customer you will have access to the Airmharder App to manage your bookings, record your progress, share your results and interact and chat with other users. Organise your sessions and results instantly.


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Carlos Mateos

“Finally a CrossFit Box in the north!!! Professional and experienced trainers in this discipline. Don’t hesitate to try it, you’ll end up hooked”

Jesús Pérez

“A box that welcomes you and envelops you in its ambience, without a doubt a luxury”


With your membership at our Gym Distrito Norte Box in Guía, you get exclusive access to our other two Gyms: CrossFit Canarias in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and CrossFit Lanzarote. Three gyms for the price of one! Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of training wherever and whenever you want.


Debunking CrossFit Myths

  • CrossFit is only for people who are very strong or very fit.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Although CrossFit began in Spain with the reputation of being a tough and intense sport, it has evolved to suit everyone. Anyone, regardless of fitness, age or condition, can do it. At our gym, our team of experienced coaches adapt the WODs to your needs, ensuring you enjoy the sport and get positive results.

  • CrossFit is an injury sport.

CrossFit is no more harmful than other sports if practised correctly and with respect for your fitness level, strength, endurance, flexibility and technique. With proper guidance, the risk of injury is minimal. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete, by doing the exercises correctly you will enjoy the sport and its benefits.

And reaffirming them

  • CrossFit is an addictive sport.

CrossFit gets you hooked. Practicing a sport in which you daily improve your body, your fitness, your strength, your cardio, your technique, your skills, etc. makes you feel better about yourself and improves your quality of life. In a short time you will see how you improve your Personal Records, your physique and your self-esteem. We have many clients who came from other sports or other gyms where they hardly noticed any results. Practicing CrossFit together with a good diet, a good lifestyle and proper rest, guarantees that you will achieve your goals in a short time.

  • CrossFit practitioners do a lot of CrossFit related activities.

We are fortunate to have many users who come regularly at the same time, who practice sport together, evaluate their progress, encourage each other and help each other. CrossFit creates community.




Address: Pol. Ind. Llano Alegre, C. Claudio Ramos Mendoza, 23, 35450 Guía, Gran Canaria.



Monday To Friday: 6:30 – 21:00

Saturday: 9:00 – 11:00

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